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Raising children with autism, special needs, or neurodivergence?
We are here for you.

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Navigating neurodivergence in a neurotypical world.

Raising a child with autism, special needs, or neurodivergence presents a wide range of unique challenges and struggles. As four moms, all with autistic children, our mission is to talk freely about these challenges, opening up the conversation to help other parents as they navigate their own journey.

We are by no means experts in medicine, neuroscience, or special education. We are simply moms who are reluctant experts in raising our children the best we can, figuring it out as we go


Join us as we discuss school, family balance, siblings, grief, therapies, social issues, behaviors, delays, diagnosis advocacy, marriage, and more. Think of this podcast as a coffee shop chat with your closest girlfriends. We are here for you.

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